Legal Notice

Legal Notice

This page holds information and notices of the main company in the Group, the financial company KD Group d.d., and of other companies in the Group KD Group (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Companies”). This web content has been designed to provide general information on the Companies and their business as well as selected information on their products and services. We ask all web visitors to follow the stated terms and conditions of use which apply to all our web visitors. By continuing to view and use the content of this website you agree to these terms.

All the information, images and documents on this website are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection to the extent stipulated by the law, and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed by any means or in any form. Reproduction is permitted in the event of non-commercial use provided such reproductions clearly acknowledge the exact source “© KD Group, d.d., Ljubljana / All rights reserved.” The intellectual property on this website is copyrighted, and its use is only possible with the prior written permission of the company – holder of intellectual property rights. This also applies to all logos and brand names, the unauthorised use of which is strictly prohibited with the exception of cases as stated in this text.

None of the texts of any kind on this website constitute an offer or an invitation to make an offer in the sense of entering into a contract or conducting transactions related to the securities market or the Companies’ products, but are merely meant as promotion texts. The information on this website regarding the past returns of the Companies’ products is not a guarantee of future returns; future returns may be higher or lower than past returns.

No information on financial instruments and financial products presented on this website is intended as a substitute for professional investment advice, instructions or recommendations to any individual visitor of the website, since it is critical to be fully informed about all forms of risk related to investments in securities and financial instruments in order to make an informed investment decision. It is important not to make any investment decisions based merely on information obtained on this website, but to consult a professional in the specific field.

All data and information published on this website are for information purposes only. The Companies will strive to maintain the web content correct, up to date and true, however neither the Companies nor any other legal or natural person involved in creating and making this website accept under any circumstances any liability or responsibility for any damage resulting from or connected to the existence, access and/or use of this website and/or the information contained on this website, and/or due to the failure to use the information on this website, and/or any potential mistakes or deficiencies in the content, regardless of whether they have been informed of the possibility of such damage.

The Companies' website includes hyperlinks to the websites of third parties and/or includes information regarding third parties. Since certain links lead to sources on servers maintained by third parties not directly under the control of the Companies, the Companies are unable to guarantee, assume liability with respect to, or collect and pass on complaints regarding privacy protection, the content of such websites, or the correctness and accuracy of the information on the websites of such third parties.

The Companies and other legal or natural persons helping to create and design this website reserve the right to change any text published on this website at any time, and to update or delete it, and they are not responsible for any potential inaccessibility of this website.