Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The Group is an active partner vigorously supporting, co-shaping and improving its business and life environment. It encourages its clients to assume responsibility for their financial security and independence. It builds a safe, pleasant and stimulating work environment for its employees who are encouraged to cooperate and interact. By conducting national and local sponsorship and donation projects, the Group partakes in its social environment, being certain that this is a way to foster values it strongly believes in.

The Employees

The Group endeavours to create a stimulating work environment for its employees and to facilitate their professional development. The employees could participate in various cultural and art events, concerts and celebrations co-organised by the Group, and at year-end their children could meet Father Christmas who brought them presents. Outside work, the employees can engage in various recreational and sports events organised by two sports clubs.

All employees entitled to the use of personal protective equipment according to the Risk Assessment and Safety Statement are provided outdoor jackets with detachable fleece lining and waterproof trekking footwear.

The natural environment

The core business of companies in the Group does not result in direct environmental burden, still the Group acts responsibly in its day-to-day operations: it saves energy and separates waste.

The social environment

The Company and the Group play an active role in their social environment, primarily with sponsorships and donations. They express their clear commitment to the corporate values of trust, growth, respect, excellence and support. The staff have traditionally taken part in blood donation campaigns.

Culture and education

The Group nurtures long-term partnerships with cultural establishments and individuals as well as finances educational projects of various forms.


By supporting different sports activities, KD wishes to spread the idea of spending leisure time in active pursuits and socialising.

Humanitarian activities

The Group encourages voluntarism among its employees. Many of them are involved in various humanitarian campaigns via AS Fundacija, and a growing number attend the blood donation campaigns organised by the Group.