Documentary, More than Numbers, also available in English

We filmed it together with our numerous discussion partners and friends, many of whom have left their mark on the operations of the Group in the last two decades. We managed to combine testimonials, feelings and views which take us through a time when the financial pulse of independent Slovenia surged, and the film particularly sheds light on the exceptional story of the KD Group.
The title of the film is by no means accidental. However, we did not focus merely on numbers on the occasion of the celebration. We remembered the youth and courage at the start of the path, and thought of the steps, milestones, slips and victories along the way. After twenty years of hard work, we are still certain that we are on the right path. We have built a financial and insurance group which ventures into future with courage and trust.

We invite you to view the film, More than Numbers, which can be found at the following link.