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AS Fundacija

AS Fundacija

Knowledge is the foundation of success; this is the guiding principle and the constant feature of the work of AS Fundacija ever since its establishment on 4 November 1995 as Ajda Fundacija. Its primary mission is to help exceptionally talented young individuals in their studies of various sciences, arts and culture.

The foundation AS Fundacija supports talented individuals who are generating surpluses in the field of art, science and sport and are therefore the driving force of progress.

The foundation complements and materializes its ambition by granting financial and material assistance to the socially deprived or otherwise affected persons and by supporting organisations, societies and associations working to provide assistance to those at risk or in need.


Originally known as Ajda Fundacija, the foundation first assisted with the education of investors in the funds of its founder, Kmečka družba za upravljanje investicijskih skladov, and their children with above-average results who could otherwise not have afforded schooling due to poor social status. Since its establishment — with shorter spells of reduced activity due to the shortage of funding — the foundation provided financial assistance to numerous individuals, mostly for the entire four- to five-year duration of higher education or academic programmes.

In 2008, in parallel with the development of the Group and establishment of new KD companies, the foundation Ajda Fundacija was renamed into the KD Fundacija, which broadened the possibilities of its operation. With both the financial as well as organisational assistance of KD companies it continued to support students, but also started actively to participate in notable socially-responsible and humanitarian campaigns organised in Slovenia and other countries where KD companies were or continue to be present.

The foundation changed its name from KD Fundacija, ustanova, to AS Fundacija, ustanova, in accordance with the consent of Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, issued on 19 June 2014, and it continues its mission and purpose. The foundation is engaged in the systematic search for young and talented individuals in the field of science, art and culture. By granting financial support for their education it enables them to study at prestigious institutions around the world.

Since 2008, all employees and clients of the Group have been actively informed of the possibility to donate part of their income tax to AS Fundacija.

Management and supervision of AS Fundacija

The foundation has a Management and a Supervisory Board. The Management Board is chaired by its president Gabrijel Škof and consists of three other members, Mojca Ribič Gantar, Matija Šenk and Luka Podlogar. The Supervisory Board is chaired by Mojca Kek and has two other members, Karmen Mavrič and Jure Kvaternik. Membership in both boards is of charitable nature therefore its members are not entitled to receive fees or any other form of compensation except the reimbursement of travel expenses.