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Privacy protection

1. Information regarding the number of visits on the server and cookies.

The server (“our server”) automatically assigns an anonymous unique code to each visitor. The program used to access the web saves it and sends it back to our server every time you revisit one of the pages on our server. These kind of data exchanges between the server and the user are called “cookies”.

In addition to the unique code, our server also notes the exact time, address of the requested page, address of the previous page, codes of advertisements shown on the page, type of the program used by the visitor and the IP number where the request to display the page came from. The data is collected and stored for the purposes described under “Why do we use cookies?” for the time this webpage is active.

Our server stores information entered at registration (username, password, email address) for all registered usernames, as well as settings for that username. The data is stored for an indefinite period of time. The stored data does not apply to a specific legal or physical person, but only to the unique code and username used and it is technically impossible to identify the natural person accessing the webpage at a certain moment.

The companies do not pass the data to a third party in a form where the number of visits and the data (email) of an individual user would be seen, but merely as a sum – e.g. as the total number of views and clicks of the advertisements, which can be passed to an advertising client, or as cumulative number of server visits, which can be made public.

2. Why do we use cookies?

The cookies are used for the purpose of tracking the frequency and manner of use of our server. This means that we regularly analyse the number of visits of individual sites on our server, the patterns and frequencies of passing from one page to the other in order to establish the visitors’ interest in specific content. As we do this, we do not track each individual user’s actions, but the total number of the entire group of users (e.g.: how many users read this and this article today, how many users read the next article after they read this one.)

Our advertisers have the right to access all data regarding the daily number of views and clicks on their adverts. These are also total numbers.

The possibility of monitoring the movement of an individual user (not the person since this is unknown, but individual code connected to the received cookie) within our server is used as an exception in rare situations when the user is experiencing difficulties – e.g. problems accessing a certain content, messages regarding supposed errors, etc. – or in extremely rare cases regarding suspected attack or attempt to enter our server.

3. What cookies don’t do

Cookies sent or received by our server:
- don’t transfer data from your computer to any server other than back to the sender;
- don’t transfer any data to our server apart from the ones that the server itself sent to the user and is returned at every visit (unique code);
- don’t contain your name, address…;
- can’t infect your computer with a virus or harm it in any way;
- don’t enable the companies to find out what you do on the internet or outside of it, but only offer info regarding the visits to our server;
- don’t make it possible to reveal your personal data unless you have shared this information with us beforehand.

If you disable cookies in your programme, you will still be able to use most of the content on our server.

4. Deleting information

If you think that, based on the information you entered, our server is storing data that you don’t want to be stored, you can demand at any point in time to have that information deleted.

The operation will be performed as soon as the identity of the person demanding the deletion of their data is verified.

The deletion of the data may mean that your order or entry will not be registered.

5. Use of transmitted data by the user

Protective software has been installed on the web server which also collects certain data, which is entered voluntarily in forms via separate connections relating to the purpose/individual category of the transferred information. We are bound to protect the confidentiality of all personal data, which is transmitted on the basis of explicit approval of the individual, in accordance with the valid legislation. The transmitted personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was acquired.

6. Which cookies does this website contain? 
Name of cookie Purpose Duration of cookie Company
PHPSESSID Basic functioning of the website Expires at the end of the session
__utma Parameter for managing the statistics of website visits 2 years
__utmb Parameter for managing the statistics of website visits 30 minutes
__utmc Parameter for managing the statistics of website visits Expires at the end of the session
__utmz Parameter for managing the statistics of website visits 6 months
7. Additional questions? 

Questions regarding the privacy and protection of information can be sent to the webpage editor.